Fuji X70 a little powerhouse!

Late last year i purchased the Fuji X70 as a camera that i can take with me everywhere i go.

The last couple of days the skys here have been amazing and this little powehouse of a camera really shines when you pair it with the wide angle adaptor.

The image below was taken just before sunset deep on a winters day……….


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Captain’s shoot at Hazlemere Golf Club

I have recently been appointed as preferred photographer for the Hazlemere Golf Club near to High Wycombe.

They asked me to do a head shot session of their committee members and their new captain’s appointment’s.

I used a location set up technique to provide studio quality images for them. I decided to make the background darker to give a slightly more corporate and modern look to the final images.

For the photography minded I used a softbox on a boom stand with a grid above each sitter and a small pop of flash with another grid as a hair light to give some separation.

All shot on a Fuji XPro 2 with a 35 mm F1.4 an extremely sharp set up, I have been working with Fuji X cameras now for over five years after leaving Canon DSLRs and in truth I have never looked back.




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Street shoot with Paula

I did a street strobist shoot with a model friend of mine. We worked at the rivers edge near Maidenhead.

I love doing strobist off camera flash work!

I am happy with the results

If you ever want the same done just email me markmk1photography@gmail.com

For the photography minded I used an Xpro1 and a 35mm f1.4 along with a Godox off camera flash….





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Indi the photo model!

Tonight at last I am back on my blog!

Its been a long time and of course a new photo of Indi the worlds most famous German shepherd adorns this page.

I took Indi on a walk and the shot was taken using Off Camera Flash with a Fuji X100T Camera I hope you agree that the results are pretty stunning.

Its great to be back and i aim to demonstrate my set up very soon.

Dog Photography

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Review of Trec Pak Peli 1510 interior

It is said “that photography is really the pursuit of the perfect bag”.

This is never truer than my own experiences, I have been through various bags and cases in my lifetime of photography and whilst some seemed to work many didn’t.

Around three weeks ago I decided to purchase a Peli 1510 to house all my photography equipment this was delivered with the standard padding sold with the case and the usual fare of Velcro and padding etc. Whilst this seemed to provide some protection for my equipment it really wasn’t the solution for what is a sturdy strong Peli case, the padded inserts didn’t stand up very well and it was very difficult to adjust any size area to re design the case for other equipment.

Below shows my Peli 1510 loaded up with the standard Velcro arrangement, you can see the sides were sagging and slightly misshapen, this was after two weeks and hardly any use!



I looked around on the internet and then read and review of the Trek Pak system from the USA it seemed such a simple idea but then sometimes the best usually are!
It consists of a series of foam panels with a liner of tubes these form the walls of the bag liner, these are held together with u shaped pins linking one panel to the next – endless layouts!

It took a few attempts to work out the best system for my kit; but as you can see below the whole thing looks just a whole lot more professional and secure. My kit had pre-cut walls for the case and inserts to fix in a multitude of layouts.
The quality is second to none and the ease of adding new or different kit to the case now takes seconds and it looks and feels a lot better.
The kit for the Peli can be found here at www.trekpak.com

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Dog Photography in Leafy Buckinghamshire

I am often trying out new equipment on my GSD Indi

Today we ventured deep into the woods in Buckinghamshire where I live to try out the new flash system again, it was a successful venture as I am thinking about offering Dog Photography in Buckinghamshire as part of my photography services.

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My GSD “unplugged”

My long suffering model Indi had the camera pointed at her again to test some new equipment for MK1

It gives me the ability to use studio lights outside and on location, it will give me the edge now both in portraiture and sometime dog photography!


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MK1 is changing…….

After many years of Canon loyalty it is a major step change for MK1 Photography.

I am now not offering a wedding service after being the photographer of many brides for their special day – I now will only be offering a portrait service with a difference…..

I have switched over to Fuji cameras now using a Fuji X-pro1 and a variety of Fujinon prime lenses,, so far during most of my shoots with it I cannot fail to be impressed with the cameras ability to capture some stunning images i will be posting more from this camera and lenses on this blog!

So please get in touch to see if I can make some fantastic Fuji portraits of you


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